This part of the page contains a collection of some of my recipes. Most of them are not written as vegan recipes, but can be converted into them using egg substitution and simple vegan replacements for things like chicken.

(Note that I always use vegan substitutes in any of these recipes.)

I generally use cups and spoons in my recipes, since I much prefer them as a tool for measuring.

Sweet Foods

The following recipes are for sweet foods like pastries, pancakes, etc. They can make nice options for breakfast, birthday parties, or just to send to friends.


This section contains a selection of vairous different types of bread.

Dinner Options

I usually just make dinner options up, but for some of the more complex or traditional recipes, I actually wrote down some recipes. Most of these can be used as a basis to get creative and make genuinely tasty Thai, East Asian, or Middle Eastern style food.

יידישע עסן

Vegan Substitutions

Some of the recipes mentioned above use eggs, or egg yolk. If you don't feel like bothering the chickens, the following options may be helpful: